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Friends of the Ospreys | Cyfeillion Gweilch y Pysgod"Friends of the Ospreys" is a non-membership, conservation group founded by Steve Watson and Darren Moore on the 30th June 2004, after encouragement from Roy Dennis MBE. Roy was anxious that the Welsh colonisation attempt by the new Osprey pair in the Glaslyn estuary might fail if this population were not supported by additional pairs of breeding birds. He reasoned that 1 pair of Ospreys did not constitute a viable population.

As Ospreys have evolved to inherit or steal ancestral nests,Roy suggested that the Welsh Osprey population's attempt to re-colonise Wales would be assisted by the provision of at least 7 additional artificial Osprey nests within 10km of the main breeding nest (first discovered by Steve on the 20th May 2004).

Friends of the Ospreys | Cyfeillion Gweilch y Pysgod In addition to providing breeding sites for the offspring of the 1st Glaslyn pair, these nests would also serve to attract other Ospreys to the area, drawing them down from their high-altitude migration flights, adding both to the number, and genetic variability of the Welsh population.

This has indeed proved to be the case. Our 1st nest was built in March 2005 and was occupied by a male bird only 2 weeks later. So far14 nests have been constructed and 4 have been occupied. Osprey Management as practised by Friends of the Ospreys, has been developed by Roy Dennis and other American and European Osprey workers over 6 decades. The techniques are tried and tested. They have been used to restore numerous Osprey populations in Europe and America.

Nests are maintained annually, and new nests built as time and resources allow. 95 people have assisted directly in the nest-building, with many others helping in a multitude of other ways. Friends of the Ospreys | Cyfeillion Gweilch y Pysgod Darren with Tony Cross from mid wales ringers, ringing the first chick 2c in 2012

Anybody interested in getting involved with this project, either as a volunteer nest-builder, nest monitor, or as a host landowner for a new nest should contact FOO via the contact details below.
Friends of the Ospreys | Cyfeillion Gweilch y Pysgod

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Darren Moore will be featured on the BBC's "Countryfile" this Sunday 29th May

We're raising 3,500 to Help the osprey population in Wales

Friends of the Ospreys are trying to raise funds, to help put up artificial nests, in north Wales, we have built some nests, and need to raise funds to help keep these nest in good condition year on year. We need to build more nests so the young from the four nests we have, have a nest to come home to,

Please click on the button below if you would like to donate. Thank You.


Friends of the Ospreys | Cyfeillion Gweilch y Pysgod


The Welsh Osprey population reached another milestone again this year, With the four breeding pairs of Ospreys producing eleven chicks....

Friends of the Ospreys | Cyfeillion Gweilch y Pysgod

Roy Dennis MBE and Rodger Lovegrove

Darren, and Steve with Roy Dennis MBE, and Rodger Lovegrove..